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Cybersoleil Submission Guidelines




            Cybersoleil is now accepting submissions for our Twelth Issue until August 1, 2016.  

            If your submission does not follow the guidelines explained below, your submission will be deleted.

          When submitting your writing, send an attachment in Rich Text Format to In the subject line include YOUR NAME, TITLE, GENRE. At the end of your submission, please include a short bio. We do not accept previously published work. Simultaneous submissions are accepted and they must be noted in your submission email. Cybersoleil seeks first rights to publication. All other rights revert to the author. Any work of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, art, or photos republished out of Cybersoleil should be properly cited.
          For Art and Photo Essays, attach the photos in jpeg. 
          Our main criterion is strong writing and aesthetic quality.
          Fiction: Microstories, flash fiction, short stories, and novel excerpts that can stand alone. Maximum word count: 10,000 words. You may send up to 5 microstories or flash stories. For "regular" length short stories, only submit 1 story.
          Non-fiction: Personal essay, memoir, reportage, lyric essay, and experimental forms. Maximum word count: 10,000 words.
          Recipes: We are always looking for recipes that you would like to share. These can be traditional or they can be in the form of stories or poems. Please include photos with the recipes.
          Photo essays: Attach the photos in jpeg.
          Book Reviews: If you would like us to review your work, please contact us at 
          Art: Photos, paintings, drawings. Attach your artwork in jpeg.
             Music: If you are a muscian with a new album or songs, we are happy to listen and review your work. If you do not have a cd to send us, then send us the link where we can hear your music.  
          The editors often comment on the writing that is submitted and may suggest revisions or expansions of the works.
          If you have any questions, email them to 
          By submitting my work I affirm that I am the sole author and maintain all rights for my work. I also affirm that this work has not been previously published elsewhere online, in print, or any other medium. If my work is accepted for publication, Cybersoleil acquires the rights to publish and reproduce the material. After publication, rights revert back to me, the author. By submitting material to Cybersoleil, I affirm that I have read the submission guidelines.
          We look forward to seeing your work.
          Cybersoleil Staff

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