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Moon Dance by Bill Boudreau article

In the cemetery, Evangeline lays the liliaceous wreath on the stone and flares into a dance. Arms in the air, she twirls and twirls. Her fingertips hold a silk veil as it floats like a ghost’s trailing mist.

The sun had left the night and a large moon rises over the dark horizon. To its glow, Evangeline does her Moon Dance. The dance she had performed, many times, for Gabriel who now lies under the stone beside her. She knows he watches her.

Circling the tomb, she sings. Her song reaches far into the past, when they were young lovers. She thinks of the first time she danced for him. Her movements and voice had hypnotized him, seduced him.

Three months ago, Gabriel passed away — they had been together 50 years.

Although in recent years, she had not danced for him as often, she knows his love for her never waned.

Every month, since Gabriel departed this world, Evangeline comes to the graveyard at full moon and does her Moon Dance. Her sways and singing are not as smooth and graceful as they used to be, but she knows Gabriel does not mind, for her love for him is eternal.

Someday she will be with Gabriel where the moonrises, and every night, dance for him.




Bill Boudreau is a French-Acadian, grew up in Wedgeport village on the Nova Scotia’s southwest coast.Bill self-published seven books — Olsegon, Disharmony in Paradise, Moments in Time, Redemption Island, Beyond Acadia, Wedgeport, and Hopping the Caribbean Islands. All books are available on Amazon. Articles published: “First Confession” in Seasoned Reader, “Interlude” in The LLI Review, and “Character” online at This I Believe, and“Reflection: Long-Time U.S. Resident Remembers his Canadian Roots” online at Aging Horizons Bulletin.

He lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  


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