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If your submission does not follow the guidelines explained below, your submission will be deleted.
When submitting your writing, send an attachment in Rich Text Format to  In the subject line include YOUR NAME, TITLE, GENRE. At the end of your submission, please include a short bio. We do not accept previously published work. Simultaneous submissions are accepted and they must be noted in your submission email. Cybersoleil seeks first rights to publication. All other rights revert to the author. Any work of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, art, or photos republished out of Cybersoleil should be properly cited.
 Fiction: Microstories, flash fiction, short stories, and novel excerpts that can stand alone. Maximum word count: 10,000 words

Cybersoleil is now accepting submissions for our Twelth Issue until August 1, 2016.

Moon Dance by Bill Boudreau article


Right this Instant by Joshua Wann article


When the Days Were Getting Longer by MICHAEL FILASarticle


Response to a Mother’s Letter by Rayshell E. Clapper article


MINISTER TO THE NEEDY by Jacklon Michelle Wright article


. . . As the Wave Rose by MICHAEL DOOLEYarticle


The Wild Daughter by Laurel Jenkins-Crowearticle


Blind Man’s Boogie by J. A. Chappellarticle


Letter from an Oklahoma Prison by Rayshell Clapper article


Brand New Fishing Pole by CL Bledsoearticle

THE STORY WITH THE NEIGHBORS by Norman Wakslerarticle

Microfiction by Nettie Farris (5 stories)article

Reconciled Among the Stars by Bayard Godsavearticle

First and Last excerpt from The Not Yet by Moira Cronearticle

The Ghost on Park Street by Amy Susan Wilsonarticle

JB’s Obsession by Jeanetta Calhoun Misharticle

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